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“Steve Fellner's Blind Date with Cavafy [was] published by a small press, Marsh Hawk Press…[it] took a blogosphere buzz around the winning title and equally alluring book cover (designed by poet Claudia Carlson) to get this book some attention.”

—Rigoberto González Poetry Foundation

“The cover designer did a brilliant job, and was more than willing to take any of my suggestions, which of course, was a moot point—she created something spectacular immediately.”

—Steve Fellner

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Michele Wolf's website designed by Claudia Carlson

“Claudia, you are AWESOME. So aesthetically gifted and so accommodating. I couldn't have asked for more, truly. I am so proud of this site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting a high standard and helping me to realize my vision for what I wanted to present to the world!”

—Michele Wolf, for her website, 2011

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“Beautiful! Content and photos are very powerful. Beautifully designed. Great cover. Instantly makes me want to pick it up. Good use of illustration. It says it all. Great use of creative and professional photography & photographic art. Original approach, innovative, intriguing the reader at a glance. I especially like the use of the title imagery on the back cover, and how the accolades are arranged in the window. I like the collage and mobile effect on the cover. It's a good device to tie in with some of the childhood memories spotlighted in the stories. Overall Reaction—A powerful printed book. BRAVO!

2009 Ben Franklin Design Award

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“Like a still life painting, the fiction pieces, poetry, nonfiction, artwork, interviews, and illustrations gathered in this issue [of Alimentum] are artfully placed to bring each piece into the best light…One of my favorite poems is “The Origin of Fruitcakes" by F.J. Bergmann. This is partially due to the illustration (one of many) by Claudia Carlson, of two jitterbugging fruitcakes with strawberry eyes.”

—Melinda Rich,

“I'd like to thank Claudia Carlson for her gorgeous book design…Claudia, I got the first copies of Eminent Domain, so beautiful. You are the absolute best. Pure magic. Thanks for all your work and patience and generosity. I couldn't ask for a more perfect book.”

—Justin Petropoulos

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“I thank…Claudia Carlson, the fabulous creative force behind the book design, for making my book come alive.”

—Neil de la Flor

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“The finished product was a dream come true.”

—Sigman Byrd

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“I'm incredibly pleased with the quality of the finished book… [she] worked with my ideas and gave invaluable input.”

—Michael Rerick

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“Claudia is a wonderful illustrator. I know that when I commission her to create a map that she'll take the time to get every detail just right. Not only does Claudia create accurate and detailed maps, but she adds just the right ornamental touches to make each one unique and special.”

—Tiffany Estreicher
Design Manager, Berkley Production, Penguin Group

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“Claudia’s work as a graphic designer at Oxford University Press always inspired me. I was often dazzled by her ability to see outside the box with regard to cover designs in particular. Claudia is highly skilled at incorporating the right typeface with the right photograph or artwork to attain the desired effect. Claudia’s work always stood out among the book designs for the ESL division of OUP.”

—Mia Gomez,
former Senior Designer, Oxford University Press worked directly with Claudia at Claudia Graphics, 2009-2011