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  2. Spinning the Tales
  3. Voices & Viewpoints
  4. Spell Binding & Spell Breaking
  5. Magical Objects
  6. Desire & Its Discontents
  7. The Grimm Sisterhood
  8. Variations & Updates
  9. Ever After, Or a Few Years Later
  10. Living the Tales
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A N N E    S H E L D O N

Snow White Turns 39

I'm planning how to break a talking mirror:
hammer and earplugs. Seven years of bad luck?
Better than that Bette Davis cackle
every morning when I hit the sink
without my make-up. One black dawn, I'll raise
my cheekbones to the light and all those watts
will fail to flush away these tear-track shadows.
Then I will smash the Glass. And take up chess.
No more clipping recipes for sautéed
hearts of virgin, I can tell you that,
or sending milkmaids out to feed the wolves.
No more wolves to feed, or woodsmen, either,
in our tidy kingdom. My husband found me
under glass. How I miss the woodsman.

"Snow White Turns 39" first appeared in Worlds of Fantasy and Horror, Winter 1996-97, and is reprinted by permission of the author.
It is a violation of copyright law to distribute or reproduce this poem without express permission of the author.